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Our mission is to make hiring about merit,
not background.

Every day, wonderful, capable and passionate people are unfairly excluded from the hiring process for reasons other than whether they can actually do the job. Whether it’s their gender, their age, their degree (or lack thereof), their years of experience or something else on their résumé. Most of these things have very little to do with someone’s ability to do the job.

We want for every candidate - not just the one from privileged backgrounds or the ones who are good at selling themselves - to have an opportunity to showcase their talent. So we help companies see how candidates do job-related tasks so they can make hiring decisions based on performance, without bias.


Vervoe has completely transformed the way we recruit and select candidates. It has allowed us to not only assess skills relevant to the role but has also allowed us to assess motivation like never before.


Why we started Vervoe

I grew up in Tel Aviv and, after high school, I served in the military and then worked at two of the hottest startups at the time. Then I moved to Melbourne and tried to get a job, but I couldn't get an interview anywhere. Nobody valued my experience. Nobody could even pronounce my name. All that mattered was that I didn’t have a degree. Being screened out without being given a chance to prove what I could do felt wrong.

Much later on, when I was leading a big team, I saw the same problem as a hiring manager. So did my co-founder, David Weinberg, who spent seven years with Juniper in the Bay Area. The common method of hiring - résumé screening followed by interviewing - favored people who look good on paper or are good at being interviewed. Great people were being excluded.

While we were discussing this problem we learned about the “auditions” Matt Mullenweg was doing at Automattic. Instead of résumés and interviews, Automattic invited candidates to work with the company on a trial basis. We immediately loved it.

We wanted to create a way for companies to “audition” candidates using technology and make that possible at speed, at scale and based on data.


Our Values



Of team, of ideas,
hiring philisophy.



Working together,
working with customers



Yourself, others,
the status quo.



Personal, professional,

Our Team

Vervoe now has team members spanning three continents.


Great people are worth it

The cost of making the wrong hire can be up to 2.5x salary.
That's easily over $100,000. Vervoe helps you identify the best people at under $100 per hire.

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